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Happy Teacher Appreciation SALE! May 9th and 10th only!

I may be a little biased, but teachers have one of the most difficult and underpaid jobs in our country. I won’t get on my soapbox. I’ll just leave some of my favorite teacher memes here for you to enjoy.

It’s funny because it’s true. I could choose sooooo many more that sum up exactly what the real world of teaching is like, but then you’d be reading this post forever.

The bottom line? TEACHERS ARE AMAZING. I’m not saying that because I am one, I’m saying that because I had some amazing teachers, I work with them everyday, and they deserve some recognition!

Click the photo to shop our sale on TpT!

As teacher-authors on TeachersPayTeachers, we are ready to throw a sale for all those amazing teachers out there. Visit our TpT store and receive 20% off our products May 9th and 10th only!  Stay tuned for the rest of the post to see some of our best-selling products!

  1. Paraphrase It! A Workshop for Paraphrasing and Note-taking Skills
    Click the photo to see Paraphrase It! in our TpT store!

    This is our best-selling product! I have personally used it in so many ways-centers, small group, prep work for a research project, main idea and detail…really, you can use these cards for all kind of things. Definitely a must-have product.

  2. Poetry Made E-Z!
Click the photo to see Poetry Made E-Z in our TpT store!

This product meets the need in my room for a poetry portfolio the kids can mostly manage on their own. Each poem (there are 9 to pick from) has instructions and examples so that you can give a brief mini-lesson on each type and then have your kiddos work on the poem during a center or small group. You can also use the publishing page provided for each poem to publish final drafts and assemble into a portfolio or mount on construction paper and hang in the hallway. My students have had a lot of fun with these!

3. Animal Cracker Math, Literacy, and Science Bundle

Click the photo to see our Animal Cracker bundle in our TpT store!

THIS BUNDLE GUYS. It’s so much fun. All you need is a bag of animal crackers. With this bundle, you can count, sort, graph, and catapult your animal crackers. There are math lessons, a stem activity, writing templates…and more! We originally posted in on National Animal Cracker Day, which is April 18h, but it’s been so much fun to use other times of the year.

We have lots of other products for sale, so head on over and treat your classroom to something fun. For all teachers everywhere, WE APPRECIATE YOU!

–Kelli and Sara, 2BrightBlondeTeachers

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