Super Symmetry Fun and a FREEBIE!!

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IT’S FREEBIE TIME!! We are post-MAP test season right now, which means we FINALLY have time for some of our fun, end of the year things in math and reading. One of our traditions in third grade here is to do some symmetry activities, culminating in a neat project involving staff yearbook photos 🙂 I created a couple pages this year for my class to use, mostly because I still need grades for the gradebook! Please click on any of the previews below to download the PDF.

The next activity the students always love-working in partners never fails to engage. I had mine do it with a ruler or a pencil but you can easily do the same activity on the page as well. You’ll need:

-crayons, markers, colored blocks or tiles (I used fraction tiles, just because it’s what I had close by and BONUS you could make them tell you what fraction of their design is pink, what fraction of their design is yellow…etc. )

-printout of the activity may OR ruler/pencil/something straight for the line of symmetry

The kiddos had a TON of fun making their designs. You should have seen how difficult they tried to make it! Super creative.

Last but not least, we wrap up symmetry with a project using staff yearbook photos (with permission, of course). We print, cut in half, and attach to a white piece of paper for the students to draw on to complete the other side. I talk to my class about how the picture is NOT supposed to look pretty-it’s supposed to look weird if you truly make it symmetrical! This year’s class did an amazing job of following the line of symmetry. Now, I’m not saying the teachers are super flattered that we do these pictures every year, but they’re good sports. Some more than others 🙂

Here are some shots of the kids working SUPER hard on their symmetry project.

Do you do anything extra fun after testing is over? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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