The Tale of 2BB 

Isn’t it nice when you find a friend that gets you? Isn’t it ever nicer, as a teacher, to find those people in your school who build you up, encourage you, and make your job more enjoyable? The tale of 2BrightBlondes is really more like a tale of two friends who started teaching together and grew to be those teachers that build each other up. So, we decided to branch out. We had already been making activities (out of desperation, really) for our classrooms. That may or may not have something to do with how we like everything to look cute. No Times New Roman for these girls, no sir!! After a little tweaking, we started to post products in our 2BrightBlondes TpT store, which you can visit by clicking here. The next step was to get our blog up and running, and here we are! It’s very new and we are most definitely still learning, but please take a second to subscribe through email and leave some comments and feedback! 

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