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Sara’s Third Grade Classroom


So I thought we could start by posting a little about each of our classrooms. Now, I (Sara) teach third grade and have now for…4 years. Yes, 4 years. However, my classroom has evolved MAJORLY each year, not just in color and theme, but also in function, practicality, and organization. I’ll share some pictures with you about what my room looks like and how I choose to set it up. Basically, give you an idea of what works for me and my kiddos.

First up: the “hub” of my classroom. The mecca if you will…the center, the core…whatever you want to call it. Insert any synonym you’d like. IMG_3123

I do flexible seating in my room, but the one thing I did not change is a place to meet on the carpet as a class. We do a class meeting at the end of every day. It’s when our Leadership Captain shares (more about that later, if you want to know now and you can’t STAND waiting, shoot me an email) and we do wins, shout outs, issues, questions…it’s really where we come together as a family and hash out any issues and congratulate each other on jobs well done. So everyone is required to find a seat. Some sit in the “upper level” a.k.a. the desks, but most sit on the floor.

IMG_3124Here is a shot of more where the students work during the day. I try to arrange a good mix of high spaces, low spaces, single spaces, partner spaces…you get the idea. A variety. That’s what flexible seating is all about, right? My students know how to choose their spot (again, that’s another post) and they also know they do NOT get to move the furniture. It stays put.

I have most definitely NOT left my room set up this way all year long. It’s been moved multiple times, I’ve hated some arrangements and loved others, so it’s all about what your kiddos need and how/where they work  best.

I totally redid my color scheme this year from pink, blue and black to really more of a black, burlap and aqua. It toned it down SO MUCH and I no longer feel like I am teaching in a Justice store. Ha. These areas are where I keep my anchor charts (by subject) and my math and reading workshop boards.

This is the “information station” so to speak, where my kiddos come in every morning and take attendance, view the lunch menu, drop off notes or money, etc. They also use this space to sign out for bathroom breaks on the class log. In the lovely ombre rolling cart I happened across at Aldi’s (no joke there, people) is where they turn in work. And, because I thought this would be a great idea, even for third graders, I organized my spelling or word work hands-on stations into tubs and stored them in that bookcase. Spelling tubs did not pan out like I had hoped. Another post, maybe. “The Pitfalls of Word Work Tubs” perhaps.

So, that’s all the areas of my room I could get good pictures of, apart from my own corner, but I’ll snap some pictures of that when it’s cleaner and share about all the ways I’ve set it up and the pros and cons I’ve discovered.

Now I want to hear about your classrooms! What do you do? How do you set it up? Have you ever tried flexible seating? Comment below!

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